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Benefits of Wushu?
Benefits of Tai Chi?
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Wushu / Chinese Kung Fu

Wushu is a wonderful martial art with roots going back thousands of years in China, and has been accepted as an ancient Asian art for the self discipline of the mind and body. Wushu is the Mandarin Chinese word for "martial art," and is the term used in China. Westerners are familiar with the term Kung Fu, which translates roughly into "skill," and Wushu was displayed in movies such as "Shaolin Temple”, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Fearless,  The Mummy and countless others by movie stars such as Jet Li, and Jackie Chan. Read more

Benefits of Wushu

Practicing Wushu has a large variety of benefits for both the young and old. The benefits are physical, emotional, mental, social as well as spiritual. Wushu strengthens the body, improves flexibility, coordination, toughens the mind and energizes the spirit. Read more

Can I Do Wushu-Kung Fu?

Everyone can do Wushu-Kung Fu! Our classes are designed for people of all backgrounds. Regardless of your size, fitness, or experience, you will be able to learn Chinese martial arts Wushu-Kung Fu at HongWu Kung Fu. Because Wushu-Kung Fu relies on technique rather than brute strength, both women and men can excel, and most classes are typically 50% male and 50% female.

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