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Tai Chi / Taiji Pushing Hands(Tai Chi Tui shShou)

Tai Chi Push Hands (Pushing Hands, Tui Shou) is a practice performed by two people who are attempting to improve their Tai Chi skills. Practicing the Tai Chi solo form teaches one to remain balanced, focused and relaxed while in motion.
In Tai Chi, pushing hands is used to acquaint students with the principles of what are known as the "Eight Gates and Five Steps," eight different leverage applications in the arms accompanied by footwork in a range of motion which proponents say will eventually allow students to defend themselves calmly and competently if attacked. Also known as the "13 original movements of tai chi", a posture expressing each one of these aspects is found in all tai chi styles. Training and push hands competitions generally involve contact but no strilkes.

The Eight Gates (八門 bā mén)

An upward circular movement, forward or backwar. P'eng (掤,péng)
A sideways, circular yielding movement, often translated as "Roll Back. Lü (履, lǜ)
A pressing or squeezing offset in a direction away from the body. Chi (擠 jǐ)
To offset with the hand, usually a slight lift up with the fingers then a push down with the palm. An (按, àn)
To pluck or pick downwards with the hand, especially with the fingertips. Tsai (採, cǎiLieh means to separate, to twist or to offset with a spiral motion. Lieh (挒, liè)
To strike or push with the elbow. Chou (肘, zhǒu)
To strike or push with the shoulder or upper back. The word k'ao implies leaning or inclining.
K'ao (靠, kào)

The Five Steps (五步 wǔ bù):

Forward step. Chin Pu. (進步 jìn bù)
Backward step. T'ui Pu. (退步 tùi bù)
Left step. Tsuo Ku. (左顧 (simpl.: 左顾) zǔo gù)
Right step. You P'an. (右盼 yòu pàn)
The central position, balance, equilibrium. Not just the physical center, but a condition which is expected to be present at all times in the first four steps as well.
Chung Ting (中定 zhōng dìng)

Can I Do Tai Chi Pushing Hands?

Everyone can do Tai Chi Pushing Hands! Our classes design for all of people backgrounds. Regardless of your size, fitness, or experience, you will be able to learn Chinese martial arts Tai Chi Pushing Hands at HongWu Kung Fu. Because Tai Chi Pushing Hands relies on technique rather than brute strength, both women and men can excel, and most classes are typically 50% male and 50% female.

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