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Coach Huang Qin began studying martial arts at age 8, and was taught by well-known Chinese top Wushu(Kung Fu) and Tai chi(Taiji) professors Yang Zhong Ping and Zhu Dong at Shanghai Sports University. Coach Huang Qin is a professional Wushu(Kung Fu) and Ta ich(Taiji)i athlete with over 13 years of professional experience, and has competed in numerous National Wushu Championships in China.

She competed in the Wushu(Kung Fu) division of China's National Games, an event in which only athletes of the highest level are allowed to participate. She has received many distinguished awards and honors, such as the 5th place winner of Women's Sword and Spear of Wushu(Kung Fu) division in the 9th National Games (China, 2001); the 6th place winner of the National Wushu(Kung Fu) Championships (China, 1998); the bronze Medalist of Women's Spear in 5th National University Games (China, 1996); and other numerous awards from various Wushu(Kung Fu) competitions. She received Wushu(Kung Fu) 6th Duan certification, equivalent to Black Belt degree 6th Dan, from the Chinese Wushu(Kung Fu) Federation,the national governing body for the sport of Wushu(Kung Fu) in China.  

Coach Huang Qin earned a Bachelor Degree of Arts in Chinese Traditional Sports at Shanghai Sports University. A former professor of Wushu(Kung Fu) and Tai chi(Taiji) at Ningbo University in Zhejiang, China, Coach Huang Qin has exceptional teaching Wushu(Kung Fu) and Tai chi(Taiji) experiences in developing professional students for championship level martial arts competition.

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